Month: July 2019

Fashinista Loan – payday reviews.

  More Credit one of the fastest growing non-bank loan companies in Poland. Small Loan also operates in other European countries, including Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. From the very beginning of its activity in our country, it has been working on customer trust, and the proof of recognition are the certificates of Reliable […]

What does matter and what does not when determining the price of vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance is one of the products that helps the long life of cars. Day after day, accidents, robberies and other accidents occur without anyone stopping them, so being protected is an obligation. The search for adequate insurance for the type of car With this date in mind, the search for adequate insurance for the […]

Mortgage on commercial real estate for individuals

The real estate market includes not only apartments and houses required by an individual, but also non-residential property, which is required by various organizations and manufacturing enterprises. Legal entities and entrepreneurs mortgage on commercial real estate is used to expand warehouse space, production lines, retail and administrative space. Such a variant of registration of a […]