These very marked dates of higher consumption of the year inevitably increase the number of requests for quick loans to meet food and gift expenses. 

Launch offers such as the return of loans


In addition, the fact that these companies take advantage of Christmas to launch offers such as the return of loans without cost or the extension of the repayment terms makes it even easier for all those users who need liquidity at the end of the year.

However, at this time as in any other of the year we must analyze very well the conditions and the cost of these loans since at present there are many private companies that are dedicated to it as you can see in the comparator of Thousand Loans and We must look for the one that best suits our needs. Normally, the most requested are credits of 300 euros to be repaid in an approximate period of between 15 and 30 days with an interest rate of between 20 and 40%.

Higher interest rate than if you request a loan

Higher interest rate than if you request a loan

If we compare it with other products such as traditional credit cards, we can say that the operation of a fast credit is very similar, in which we request an amount that they give us immediately and that it must be returned in an approximate period of one month with a higher interest rate than if you request a loan from a traditional financial institution. But as we have been commenting, the advantages of these types of loans in terms of speed and efficiency are much higher.

Christmas mini-credit


Therefore, before requesting a Christmas mini-credit , find out if there are offers available on these dates that will facilitate your return and compare the conditions available to the various entities as they are very different. And remember, if you have any questions, consult with our financial advisors specialized in fast loans and they will help you choose the one that suits you best and suits your needs.

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