Credit card is included with travel. It offers significant benefits such as travel insurance, airports and airport lounge access. Car hire is easier and some hotels do not even accept a payment method other than a credit card.

Whatever the benefits of applying for a credit card, it may be advantageous to own two credit cards because of their different interests. In the event of an airline bankruptcy, you may seek redress from your credit card company.

Airline Desk Credit Cards

Airline Desk Credit Cards

An airport credit card is a credit card that rewards you for making purchases with the card. These can be used to pay for all or part of your flight, hotel, or upgrading. Airlines often also offer product benefits that are not really related to travel. Such advantages include, for example, a shop where you can buy a golf bag, for example.

The only flight point credit card that earns more bonus points than a single / used euro is the Good Credit Club. On the other hand, the card does not offer travel insurance. The Norwegian scoring model differs from the others by earning 1% of the amount paid and 20% with Flexi tickets. However, points should be considered in relation to what they can be purchased from each provider. For example, in Program B a flight to Stockholm can cost 1000 points and in Program B a flight can cost 10 000 points.

Choosing the best card depends on your needs. For example, Norwegian is annual free and offers travel insurance, but 20% credit is a high price unless you are able to pay your credit card bill within a non-interest payment period. In addition, Norwegian scores are not as generous as other card providers.

Bank or credit abroad?

Bank or credit abroad?

Abroad, both cash withdrawals and card payments may be subject to additional charges. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find out whether there are any differences in the withdrawal commissions, depending on whether the bank pays or the credit.

You can also pay your credit card bill without accruing interest. Check out our credit card billing guide!

Lift on debit side

Withdrawals should be paid for on the side of the card. It is the practice of almost every bank to offer a limited amount of free cash withdrawals in euro, free of charge, within the euro area, including abroad in all euro countries. Good Finance allows withdrawals of more than € 80 for free, but smaller amounts will be charged at 80 cents. Other banks provide 3-5 free euro cash withdrawals with a debit card each month. These practices are also valid in Finland.

Outside the euro area, it is irrelevant whether the money is withdrawn by bank or credit, as they are charged the same withdrawal commission. Bank Norwegian is an exception, however, you can withdraw euro or other currencies free of charge. In addition to the card provider, the withdrawal may be charged by a bank with automatic cash withdrawal.

Pay with a card

Pay with a card

Whenever possible, you should always pay by card instead of cash so that you do not have to withdraw or carry cash frequently. Once the credit card is closed, the credit card funds will be made available again, after which the responsibility will be transferred to the bank. Stolen cash can hardly ever be recovered.

If card purchases are made in another currency, the card issuer’s own exchange rate will be used. Additionally, card purchases made in a foreign currency may be subject to a commission. Many shops ask if you want to pay for your purchases in euros or in local currency. It’s a good idea to choose a local currency; business can use a very unfavorable exchange rate.

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