10 Dr. Stone Characters Who Would Make Great Pokemon Masters

Dr Stone is a time-based isekai anime series where the main characters are rewarded for their creative and ingenious thinking in a new Stone Age 3,700 years in the future. In this primitive era, only the strong or the smart can survive. Characters such as Senku Ishigami the teenage scientist and the muscular Tsukasa Shishio understand this well.

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The characters of Dr Stone are used to stone spears and simple huts, but it would be interesting to know what they would do if they woke up from the stone in the world of Pokemon In place. It’s a whole new isekai adventure, and a handful of Dr Stone characters are ready to catch, train, and battle with Pokémon suited to their fighting style. It takes smarts and dedication to train Pokémon and become a true master, but Senku and the others are up for the challenge.

ten Senku Ishigami is very resourceful and tenacious

The isekai protagonist himself, Senku Ishigami, could make for an unusual but very effective Pokémon trainer if he really wanted to. In the original version Dr StoneSenku has never really shown an affinity for animals, but he’s up for any challenge, and luckily for him, there are consistent rules for how Pokémon fight.

Senku can get excited about the amazing variety of Pokemon, start collecting them all and study their taxonomy to learn how these species are related to each other. Then he could use his painstaking research to train his core team to fight any enemy and win with the right techniques.

9 Chrome is very ingenious

Chrome is a clumsy but quick-witted “wizard” or amateur scientist who grew up in Ishigami Village. Like Senku, Chrome is a curious and resourceful researcher who has spent long hours collecting specimens of unusual rocks and minerals. No doubt he is also used to being surrounded by wild animals.

Chrome can do anything with anything, and it’s used to getting results with limited resources. Someone like that could capture any Pokémon they find and find an effective way to battle them, even if the Gym Leaders they face have much stronger Pokémon. When we want we can.

8 Kohaku Should Train Agile Fighting Pokemon

A large number of Dr Stone the main characters are dedicated fighters, battling their foes with spears, primitive knives, or even with their bare hands. For this reason, many of these characters would prefer Fighting-type Pokemon with hard-hitting moves that don’t rely on elemental trickery.

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The agile warrior Kohaku is one such character, a brave girl who would gladly capture a variety of foot-floating Pokemon and train them to perform moves that require agility. Actual agility technique is a good start, plus Quick Attack and maybe Body Slam for good measure.

seven Taiju could train defensive Pokémon to survive his opponents

Senku’s good friend, Taiju Oki, is a gentle giant, a gentle boy who uses his immense stamina and strength for the benefit of others rather than fighting people. In the world of PokemonTaiju would be roughly similar to Brock, a nice guy who emphasizes tough and tenacious Pokémon.

To match Taiju’s personality, he should capture Rock-type Pokémon and maybe Normal-type Pokémon as well, and train them to withstand any attack and wear down opponents with pure stamina. Pokémon such as Rhydon, Chansey, and Aggron could be strong options for Taiju’s team.

6 Ukyo is cunning and precise with his techniques

Tsukasa’s short-lived Empire of Might involved some truly talented individuals, including the archer named Ukyo. In the 21st century, Ukyo was an expert in sonar and sound, having incredibly sharp ears and a sharp mind. He is also very good with a bow and arrows.

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Now Ukyo is an ally of Senku, and if he arrived in the Pokemon world with Senku, he will soon be building a team of Pokémon based on ranged attacks and clever techniques to take the opponent by surprise. Techniques such as Pin Missile and Razor Leaf are a good start.

5 Tsukasa Shishio would personally train his Pokémon

Senku’s former nemesis, Tsukasa Shishio, was known as the “high school primate” in the 21st century thanks to his powerful body and eagerness to fight in the boxing arena. Now he’s a fearsome apex predator in a savage future with no rules, and in this world he can truly thrive.

Tsukasa is all about melee combat and aggression, so like Kohaku, he will favor Fighting-type Pokémon for his team, as well as some of the more muscular Normal-type Pokémon. And unlike most trainers, he could – and probably – would personally train his Pokémon and trade blows with them.

4 Ryusui Nanami always plans ahead

Dr Stone manga readers know what to expect with the next Ryusui anime episode in July. Ryusui Nanami can be obnoxious and self-centered at times, but he’s also a smart, ambitious young man who always knows what he wants and how to get it. He is also an expert sailor.

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Ryusui would strive to become the #1 Pokemon trainer and would spend most of his time along the coast, capturing an exotic variety of Water-type Pokemon for his team. He would do whatever it takes to train his team among the best in the world and claim the Earth Badge.

3 Kinro would favor normal type fighters

Kinro the bespectacled warrior is one of many battle-focused characters in Dr Stone who prefers weapons to science, though he appreciates everything Senku has come up with for Ishigami Village. Kinro takes his guard duty seriously and he also has formidable discipline.

So Kinro could find a new job as a Pokemon trainer and build a team of Normal-type Pokemon, as well as Fighting-types to round things out. He forced his Pokémon to use precise and aggressive attacks reminiscent of spear and sword attacks, and felled any Pokémon that got in his way.

2 Hyoga would favor precise attacks

The terrifying spearman Hyoga once belonged to the Empire of Might as Tsukasa’s right-hand man, and like Tsukasa and Kinro, Hyoga is all about the fight. He’s ruthless, focused, and quite skilled, and he might share those traits with his elite Pokemon team. He will be hard to beat for any other coach.

Hyoga needs Pokémon that can perform precise and aggressive attacks reminiscent of a spear, although ranged attacks are also an option. He could train a Hitmonlee to perform devastating long-range kicks with his long legs, for example, and train a Beedrill to specialize in Pin Missile and Fell Stinger.

1 Matsukaze needs melee fighters like Zacian

Matsukaze is a manga only Dr Stone character who will appear in future anime story arcs. He’s a resurrected samurai who grew up in a Japanese-inspired society before Senku rose from the stone, and now he’s loyal to Ginro, who physically resembles his former lord.

Matsukaze is a formidable sword fighter, having skills at least on par with Kohaku and Hyoga. Like them, Matsukaze would train a team of Fighting-type Pokémon and similar types, preferably those with precise and elegant moves. It could start with people like Zacian, a dog carrying a sword, and maybe Scizor as well.

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