18 Fun Facts About Darren Barnet


Get to know this charming actor.


For starters, Darren Barnet portrays Paxton Hall-Yoshida in the Netflix original series I have never.

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He is a 90s baby and celebrated his 30th birthday on April 27.

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Her first major recurring role was in a 2018 television series titled Turnt.


He has also had guest roles on It’s us, Criminal minds, and TO CRUSH


When he worked on It’s us, the actor had to shave half of his eyebrows to represent a younger version of Jack Pearson.

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He portrayed Wilfred ‘Freddy’ Malick on Agents of SHIELD for two episodes.


It was one of the first people to launch in I have never, and he didn’t initially do a chemistry reading with his co-star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.


After Mindy Kaling heard her speak Japanese on set, her the name of the character has changed from Paxton Hall to Paxton Hall-Yoshida.


He is active on social media and has 1.4 million Instagram followers.


He does a pretty good cosplay and when dressed in Fight ClubIt’s Tyler Durden.


If Paxton had his own episode I have never, he would like Brad Pitt to be the narrator.

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“I’m such a fan of this man and I want to imitate his career somewhat,” he said. mentionned. “If Brad did it would be hysterical because it’s such a huge name, but he’s also a guy who could relate to the character of Paxton in terms of the characters he played when he was young.”


Finally, he will reprise his role in the upcoming season 2 of I have never.

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