50 Cent Confirms His Deal With Starz Network Is Over

50 Cent is moving on after confirming the end of his deal with the Starz network.

On Friday night (September 16), 50 Cent shared news of his latest business decision on Instagram. The rap mogul shared a video of the Pittsburgh Pirates partying in the locker room while dozing off with champagne.

“That’s my vibe right now!” 50 captioned the post. “STARZ deal is done, we’ve had nothing but success, so no hard feelings. I’m out. I’ll let you know where we’re going shortly.”

In a follow-up post on Saturday, September 17, 50 Cent uploaded a photo of a calendar marking the date.

“09/17/22 official day when I truly own my content and decide where and how I do it moving forward!!!” he wrote in the caption. “GLG GreenLightGang bulls eye we don’t miss.”

50 Cent and Starz have had a good run, which includes the network airing the popular 50 Cent-executive produced series ‘ Power, Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Power Book IV: Force and BMF.

However, the relationship has not always been on the same page. In March, 50 Cent lambasted the network, saying he would be leaving when his contract expired.

“I’m packing my stuff, STARZ Sucks, my contract is over there, I’m leaving,” he wrote on Instagram. “They’ve renewed High Town and FORCE is the highest rated show they have in limbo. If I told you how much bullshit I deal in here, you’d think they all went to school in a little yellow bus.”

Fif doubled the following month after an episode of Power apparently leaked.

XXL has contacted Starz for comment.

See 50 Cent announcing his departure from Starz below.

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