aespa, ITZY and more are the fourth generation K-Pop girl groups that have surpassed 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify


Fourth generation K-pop artists are proving to be powerhouses in the industry, with many groups becoming household names.

However, only a handful of fourth-gen girl groups have over three million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Do you want to know who they are? So read on!

aespa is the fastest K-Pop girl group to reach 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify

On Monday, June 7, aespa was reported to be the fastest K-pop girl group to reach three million monthly listeners on Spotify, seven months after their debut.

At the time of writing, aespa currently has 3,040,072 monthly listeners on the popular music streaming platform.

With their growing fandom, fans expect them to reach 3.5 million soon!

(Photo: aespa Twitter)

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aespa currently has three songs available for listening, all three being single releases. Their most popular song is their first track, “Black Mamba”, released in November 2020.

At the time of publication, “Black Mamba” had 59,347,065 streams. The song is still one of the most popular versions to date.

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Their most recent comeback, “Next Level,” currently has 15,022,768 streams on Spotify.

Released on May 17, 2021, this is the last outing for the rookie group, and they are still actively promoting the track at press time.

ITZY is the fourth generation girl group with the most monthly listeners on Spotify

Rising above other fourth-generation girl groups, JYP Entertainment’s powerhouse, ITZY! Not only did they surpass three million monthly listeners on Spotify, but they also surpassed five million monthly listeners!

At the time of writing, ITZY currently has 5,970,958 monthly listeners on the platform. They are very close to reaching the six million mark.


(Photo: ITZY Twitter)

The girl group’s most popular release on the music streaming platform is their 2020 release, “WANNABE”.

At the time of writing, the song has 151,584,452 streams on Spotify.

The song was a big hit, debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

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Their most recent comeback, “Mafia in the Morning”, is also increasing on the Spotify app. Currently, the song has 37,568,491 streams on the platform.

In the United States, “Mafia in the Morning” peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

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These are the fourth generation K-Pop girl groups that surpassed 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify

* Note: Number of monthly listeners displayed next to idol group name

1. ITZY – 5,970,958 monthly listeners

2. (G) I-DLE – 4,267,350 monthly auditors

3. Weekly – 3,423,716 monthly listeners

4.aespa – 3,040,072 monthly auditors

Is your favorite fourth-gen K-pop girl group on the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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