Aespa on K-Pop Fame, Virtual Worldbuilding and Missing Real Life


In the 11 months since Aespa debuted in November 2020, the quartet of Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning have quickly established themselves as one of South Korea’s most exciting new pop groups. Their label, SM Entertainment, has built an ambitious virtual universe of avatars and villains to accompany live releases like their recent debut EP, Savage. Ask the group, however, and they attribute their success to the human element. “I would say that we have no secrets and that we share almost everything with each other,” Karina said. Rolling stone. “We’re like a tight-knit little family, so our teamwork has been great. “

Having debuted during the coronavirus pandemic, the girls have become adept at connecting with fans online. Like many of their peers, they have an active TikTok account where they research trends and promote their music. “On a daily basis, we share some of our [TikTok trends] with each other, so that when we have free time we can practice and film together, ”says Ningning. Giselle recalls watching fan content on PinkBlood, SM Entertainment’s fan content social profile: “I remember watching them with the members and we were all amazed by [the fans’] Talent!”

Despite this, Ningning adds that they all “miss the little things, like going to restaurants and coffee” in real life. “We used to go out to eat good food and visit various cafes where we chat for hours, so it would be nice to be able to do it again freely,” she says. “Most importantly, I can’t wait to perform for our fans in person!”

Savage was released on October 5 and features a title track of the same name. The disc presents futuristic elements in its visuals and sound, and further develops the virtual world of Aespa.

Winter calls “Yeppi Yeppi”, the EP’s fourth track, as her personal favorite. “The vibe is very different from the songs we have performed so far. It shows a different side of Aespa, but most of all, it’s a great song to play live in front of the fans with its bright, happy energy. I can’t wait to feel the excitement of this song live.

“It was especially fun to record ‘Yeppi Yeppi’,” adds Giselle. “The song is full of energy, so naturally we were all very excited when we recorded the song. It was so much fun recording the ad-libs in particular, because we were all in the booth together and we were singing songs. all our heart.

Aespa’s concepts and style so far have had a dark, futuristic feel to match the theme of their digital world and universe, so the girls are excited to show off another side of their personality. Behind the scenes, Karina shares that she’s watching K-dramas these days – as well as Friends, to help him study English. She also calls Kehlani and Ella Mai as artists she currently loves.

Winter remembers a long walk with his colleagues as his fondest memory of the past 11 months. “It was during our ‘Black Mamba’ promotion period, when we were all impressed and overwhelmed with the immediate love and support after our debut,” she says. “We went for a long walk together to cool off and had a tête-à-tête about how each of us was feeling. It meant a lot to be able to share my personal feelings with the members. They understand me better than anyone and it was reminded of me at that point, so it was really special.

The members of Aespa have appreciated the love they received in their first year and they are thirsty for the opportunities that the future holds. Girls still have plenty of firsts to go through in their careers, and Karina points to the shows she’s appeared on as a highlight. “To promote ‘Savage’, we made an appearance on a popular Korean TV show called Amazing saturday as well as a YouTube series, MMTG, ”she said. “These are some of my personal favorite shows, so I was delighted to be invited as a guest. Being able to meet some of the amazing artists that I have admired since I was young was really special. I hope there will be more opportunities where the four of us are invited to appear on these shows together!


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