Answer a few questions and we’ll reveal you which pop K girl group you’ll team up with to survive a zombie attack


Imagine that one fine day you wake up and realize that your city, your building or even your family is the victim of a zombie attack! Sounds like something straight out of a zombie drama, doesn’t it! South Koreans adore the zombie thriller genre and have produced gems like “Train To Busan”, “Kingdom series” and “Hellbound”.

Now imagine if you’re stuck in a school, apartment building, school, or the Joseon era with your favorite K-pop girl groups! It would be so much fun. Which group would you choose? Will you choose the tough and experienced Gen 3 girl groups or the young, wild and free Gen 4 groups. It’s a battle between the hyungs against the maknaes, the sunbaes against the hoobaes, who do you think will team up with you to survive the ultimate zombie apocalypse?

Find out now! All you have to do is answer a few important questions related to Ultimate Zombie Attack Survival Guide and find out which party you will team up with! Sounds easy and fun? So what are you waiting for? Take our fun quiz now!

Take the quiz below:

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