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Each of the seven Dreamcatcher x Neogen fragrances – Passion Neroli, Motion Suede, Moonlight Musk, Love Rose, Freedom Iris, Self Bergamot and Daydream Sweety, all available in hand creams and body mists – were handpicked. by the members and, as such, represent their essences. But no matter what the scent, you’ll find a bunch of moisturizing ingredients like Damascus rose water, ceramides, and aloe vera to soothe dry hands or any other area of ​​your body that needs a pinch. hydration.

Oh, and did we mention that each product comes with a signed photo card and each box comes with three? (All cards are picked at random, by the way.) It’s almost like buying a K-pop album but with the added (major) benefit of skin care.

To celebrate the collaboration, we chatted with the lovely ladies of Dreamcatcher to get a sneak peek at the collection. They revealed how they landed on their specific scents, must-have Neogen products, and thoughts on being a one-of-a-kind group in the colossal industry that makes up Korean pop.

SuA holding Motion Suede.

Courtesy of the brand

Handong holding Love Rose.

Courtesy of the brand

Seduce: How do your individual fragrances capture / adapt to your personalities?

SuA: i liked my [Motion Suede] fragrance because it has a soft, comfortable and cozy feel. But since it’s a perfume that represents me [as a person], I didn’t want it to be too light. I wanted people who feel this to recognize my strong and charismatic image.

Handong: When I first smelled Love Rose fragrance, I absolutely loved its floral, soft and luxurious vibes. It suits my personality and even looks like the scent I actually use.

Siyeon: I am a person of the night and the [Moonlight Musk] the scent is reminiscent of walking in the moonlight.

JiU: Passion Néroli perfume reminds me of my passion for life and my efforts to achieve my goals.

Damien: I thought about my own preferences, and when I realized I really liked fruity scents, I selected something similar. [Self Bergamot].

Gahyeon: I really thought that the [Daydream Sweet] the scent captured my sweet, dreamy personality, and I loved the freshness of the notes.

Yoohyeon: I felt the freedom of the floral and sandalwood notes [of Freedom Iris]. I like to be outside and the feeling of not being tied up.

Siyeon holding Moonlight Musk.

Courtesy of the brand

JiU holding Passion Neroli.

Courtesy of the brand

Seduce: If you had to combine two flavors to make one supercharged, which would you choose?


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