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Now one of Japan’s biggest mainstream acts, Official HIGE DANdism’s latest hit single “Mixed Nuts” continues to break records, surpassing 100 million streams on July 6 to rewrite the group’s own record. J-pop rock music for fastest release. It is also the first national song released this year to generate 100 million streams, notable in that the figure is an indicator of national success in today’s J-pop music scene.



See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

The key to the breakthrough was the popularity of the TV anime series SPYxFAMILY. “Mixed Nuts” was written by Official HIGE DANdism – often referred to as HIGE DAN for short – as the anime’s opener. The track was released digitally on April 15 and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 on May 18 and July 6. The CD version, an EP with the song as the title track, was dropped on June 22 and further improved the song’s performance.

The song has shown no signs of slowing down 13 weeks after its debut on the Japan Hot 100, and the week of July 4-11, it held No. 1 for streaming for the third week in a row to expand the total at 11 weeks high. “Mixed Nuts” also hit No. 1 for downloads for the fourth week and came in at No. 4 for video views, and those three metrics helped keep the track at No. 1 on the Japan Hot 100 for the second consecutive week. , extending its record to three weeks at the top of the multi-meter chart.

The song also topped Billboard Japan’s Hot Animation Anime Songs chart, hitting No. 1 for the 13th consecutive week on the chart dated July 20. She is now in second place in terms of total weeks at No. 1 on this list, overtaking YOASOBI BEASTARS opens “Kaibutsu” and gets closer to LiSA’s “Gurenge”, the ubiquitous Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba theme that has reigned for an impressive 16 consecutive weeks.

The secret to the song’s popularity lies in its musicality. “Mixed Nuts” is a colourful, jazzy but fast pop-rock number. It’s an incredibly catchy track that combines different genres to create an uplifting feeling, showcasing the highly skilled performances of the HIGE DAN members.

The story of SPYxFAMILY begins with the main character, an agent named “Twilight” tasked with keeping the peace between two rival nations, setting out to create a pseudo-family to carry out his mission. The members of this pseudo-family are a diverse group of gifted individuals – Twilight playing the role of a perfect father, Yor, an assassin playing the role of mother, and Anya, a girl who can read minds – who work together to create the Household Forger. While the storyline is a thrilling spy tale, the comedic elements born out of misunderstandings between characters resulting from differences in positions and abilities have made this series popular among a wide cross-generational spectrum.

The title of this anime’s theme song is a nod to Anya, who loves peanuts. Peanuts are part of the mix of various kinds of nuts that represents the diversity of today’s society, as expressed in the words: “In a world like nuts packed in a bag, everyone shares their lives with someone else. one he met/Those of us who find our way there smile, like peanuts pretending to be (the kind of) nuts that grow on trees. This theme, combined with the entertaining spy narrative that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of nationality, also contributed to the success of the anime’s opening.

The SPYxFAMILY Anime series have since become a hot topic around the world thanks to the power of social media. The anime series is based on a serialized comic in Shueisha’s online magazine Shonen jump+. Collected volumes of the work had sold over 12.5 million copies at the start of the anime’s run, and the total had exceeded 21 million by the end of May. The show is ranked top 10 on Netflix in more than 10 countries, mostly in Asia like Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Online, fan art related to SPYxFAMILY is being shared on social media, and Anya-related memes are becoming a worldwide phenomenon. In Japan, short videos of people lip-syncing and dancing to the character’s voice saying, “Anya loves peanuts!” are flooding video-sharing platforms, and on TikTok in particular, the total number of views of videos tagged with #spyxfamily has exceeded 10 billion.

Various factors such as SPYxFAMILYThe explosive popularity of and momentum of the theme song itself has placed “Mixed Nuts” in the top 100 of the US Billboard Global 200 chart since its release. On the chart dated July 23, it slipped from the top 100 but clings to No. 104, extending the song’s record to 13 weeks on the chart. [It’s at No. 118 on the latest tally dated July 30.] This places the group among the top 10 J-pop groups to stay on the chart the longest, attesting to their worldwide popularity. As one of the best J-pop songs of 2022 so far, Official HIGE DANdism’s “Mixed Nuts” is set to continue breaking records in the second half.

–This article by fukuryu first appeared on Billboard Japan.

“America’s Got Talent” on NBC: who are the Waffle Crew? The Japanese group is double Dutch world champion Tue, 02 Aug 2022 22:41:00 +0000

Waffle Crew is a huge name in its home country of Japan. After consistently winning the hearts of people in Japan, Waffle Crew is ready to win the hearts of judges and audiences alike with their visually creative Double Dutch audition in the upcoming episode of NBC’s beloved show “America’s Got Talent” Season 17. .


Thanks to this season’s genre acts that include aspiring artists and performers who give superb audition performances every week and bring a hugely diverse palette of skills to the screens – ranging from vocals, fiddle, harmonium, dance, ballet, magic, illusion, contortion, aerial acrobatics, pole dancing, comedy, new animal manipulation acts, tap dancing, hip hop, mime, jazz, etc.; this time it will be fun to see if Japan’s Waffle Crew is able to impress judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara and get into the show.



“America’s Got Talent” on NBC: who is Maytree? Korean group acapella’s viral video has over 246 million views


“America’s Got Talent” on NBC: who are Henry and Klauss? Illusionists set to wow judges with magical acts


Who are Waffle Crew?

Hailing from Japan, Waffle Crew is a Japanese band that holds the Double Dutch World Championship title twice. After making their home country of Japan proud, they’re ready to bring their jaw-dropping Double Dutch act to the American stage. Waffle Crew also has its own Instagram account. Their account only has 386 subscribers at the moment, but this number will increase significantly after their performance in the next episode.

Waffle Crew consists of five members – Tatsuya, Daichi, Taisuke, Elina and Kai. Talking about the members, Tatsuya is recognized as a dancer and has an Instagram handle with 80.9k followers. His most watched video is the one with Elina. Elina and Tatsuya’s innovative dance performance using jump ropes and strong dance choreography to Max’s song “Checklist” was adored by her fans.


Daichi Saito only has 1,200 followers on his Instagram account. He is also a performer and video director for Double Dutch. According to his Instagram profile, he won the gold medal in the 2019 World Jump Rope competition. His most viewed video on Instagram is a video film for a brand named Baba Kazuma.


Taisuke Fukumoto is a Dutch four-time world champion who also holds a Guinness World Record. He also specializes in hand hop. Her Instagram account only has 1,600 followers, but that number will increase after they audition in the next episode.


Kai was world champion for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018 and 2019. He is a professional level double Dutch artist. He is an Xperia brand ambassador and also performs at Cirque du Soleil. He has his own YouTube account named ‘Reg style channel’ with 2.39K subscribers. His Instagram account has 25.9,000 followers.


Elina Mizuno is a dancer, actress, Dutch double performer, choreographer and model. Elina’s Instagram account has 42.4 thousand followers. Her most viewed Instagram video is a dance video to Janet Jackson’s song “Rhythm Nation”. Waffle Crew’s dance performances are a mix of strings and choreography.


Waffle Crew in Season 17 of “America’s Got Talent”

Currently, the creators haven’t given any previews or sneak peeks of one of the most anticipated audition performances of this season. It only made the audience’s expectation more intriguing.


Season 17 of “America’s Got Talent” airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For viewers who want to watch the reality show without cable, they can also use one of these streaming services like Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV.

NewJeans Sets Pre-Order Record For K-pop Girl Group’s Debut Album E! News UK Tue, 02 Aug 2022 14:08:00 +0000

NewJeans has set a pre-order record for a K-pop girl group’s debut album, according to their label.

The five-member group released their first-ever music video “Attention” on YouTube last month under HYBE’s indie label ADOR (All Doors One Room).

NewJeans (ADOR)

On August 1, NewJeans released the digital version of their debut album “New Jeans” and the physical album is set to follow on August 8.

According to ADOR, pre-order volume for NewJeans’ album reached more than 444,000 copies in four days, the highest recorded sales in history for a debut album by a K-pop girl group. The physical album will only be available for purchase from the WeVerse Shop Global. The release on Weverse Shop Japan and Universal Music Japan will be on August 20.

The members of NewJeans are Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

The “New Jeans” album is a genre album that focuses on capturing the members’ vocals in a natural form.

The four-track album showcases the authentic, truthful characteristics of youth that naturally emanate from NewJeans’ all-teenage lineup, their agency added.

NewJeans took an unconventional approach with the release of “New Jeans” delivering three lead singles: “Attention”, “Hype Boy” and “Cookie”, along with the B-side track “Hurt”.

Since the release of their music video for “Attention”, an explosion of content has ensued – music videos for each of the tracks, including four versions featuring individual members of NewJeans in “Hype Boy”, for a total of seven videos in a short time since their release. launch.

NewJeans members actively engage fans on social media. “Phoning”, the recently launched interactive app, invites fans to join the exclusive NewJeans circle for more dynamic and closer interaction with members.



STÖNER, CLAMM and Civic lead new Victorian rock’n’roll music festival, Do The Pop Tue, 02 Aug 2022 02:26:00 +0000

talia rinaldo lyrics

Do The Pop is the new two-day rock n roll music festival taking over the Port Campbell Hotel in October.

The colorful and bustling seaside village of Port Campbell is set to become an electrifying hub for music lovers in October with a brand new music festival, Do The Pop.

Organized entirely by members of Melbourne band Grindhouse, Do The Pop (an ode to the 1978 Radio Birdman single) will send the humble town of Great Ocean Road into a high-octane frenzy with a celebration designed to hit the heart of Australia. independent rock’n’roll, while also boasting an international flavor.

Takeaway meals

  • Melbourne band Grindhouse have announced the first Do The Pop festival
  • Over 40 superb rock ‘n’ roll bands will take the stage at the Port Campbell Hotel in Port Campbell
  • The festival takes place over two days – October 29 and 30 – and tickets are on sale now.

Check out Melbourne’s most comprehensive gig guide here.

Originally announced for October 2021 and then April 2022 as “Grindhouse in Snake Valley”, the multi-day festival features over 40 killer bands, with 12 hours a day of non-stop rock ‘n’ roll on Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30, 2022.

At the top of the list is STÖNER, the latest project from former members of Kyuss (the most influential desert rock band of all time), Queens of the Stone Age and other precursors of desert rock.

Consisting of Brant Bjork (guitar/vocals), Nick Oliveri (bass/vocals) and Ryan Gut (drums), these guys have become a formidable force in stoner rock. With two albums to their credit, featuring a collection of smooth jams to outrageous punk outbursts, Stöner are masters of their craft.

Joining Stöner, young Melbourne punk trio CLAMM are also leading the line-up following their UK and European tour in support of their forthcoming second album Care. Slated to arrive in August, Care follows the band’s 2020 debut Beseech Me and explores “the confusion of what it’s like to be a youngster trying to live an honorable life in this fucked up world”.

Five-room Melbourne garage stalwarts Civic are also taking on headlining duties for Do The Pop in October. Formed in 2017, having forged the idea of ​​a blistering return to Australia’s massive punk heritage in a Japanese bowling alley, Civic have been one of the most impressive and successful garage bands to emerge from Melbourne over the of recent years. They hit the limelight with their debut EP New Vietnam, hailed for its old-school rock n roll punk aesthetic, then released their debut album Future Forecast, calling on the Proto Punk Rock sounds of The Saints and Radio Birdman. .

Speaking of Radio Birdman, The New Christs also join the lineup of the first Do The Pop festival. This band surely needs no introduction, consisting of three members of Sydney’s famed punk band, including Australian proto-punk godfather Rob Younger. They haven’t played for over three years so it will be a baptism of fire.

Brutal rock ‘n’ roll juggernaut Hoss led by Joel Silbersher (GOD), Scott Bailey on bass and Dean Muller on drums (COSMIC PSYCHOS), and heavy rockers WA Seawitch, led by Def FX legend Fiona Horne also join in the rowdy festivities.

Rounding out the monumental beast that is the Do The Pop lineup are festival organizers themselves Grindhouse, Bitter Sweet Kicks, Penny Ikinger and band, Full Tone Generator, Rockafella, Chimers, Blowers, Mario Lalli and the Rubber Snake Charmers , Juliette Seizure and the Tremor Dolls, The Wardens, The Monaros, Electric Purrs, Watty Thompson, The Fck Ups, The Stripp and Sacremento Sweaters, and more to be announced.

This selection of bands has been carefully curated by Grindhouse, a garage rock ‘n’ roll band that has made a name for itself with Australian production car influences and a high octane proto punk sound.

“[The festival features] a selection of bands that have influenced us; bands we love as friends, have played with and look up to,” the band said.

“Bands that added to the rich tapestry that we still constantly rely on as Australian musicians, punters and music lovers!!!

Alongside the raunchy music, the festival (18+ only) will also be offering craft beer and festival food to keep punters fueled for this epic new festival dedicated to celebrating Australian indie rock ‘n’ roll ( and international) of the last decades, plus a few more surprises yet to be announced.

With the new festival site there will unfortunately be no on-site camping, but there are a ton of accommodation options in the town, including a BIG4 caravan park 100m from the pub.

Do The Pop takes over the Port Campbell Hotel in Port Campbell on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October 2022. Tickets are on sale now via the site here.

The Spirit Halloween movie trailer takes the pop-up store to the beyond Mon, 01 Aug 2022 16:27:00 +0000

The trailer for the next horror movie, Spirit Halloween: The Movie, shows a group of five kids embarking on a nighttime journey inside a Spirit Halloween store, hoping they might enjoy a night of fun against the rules once it closes. Little did the kids know that their favorite place to spend an adventurous night – inside the famous Halloween pop-up store – is the habitat of an enraged evil spirit that doesn’t seem welcoming.

The popular Halloween retailer that only appears a few months a year is replicated in great detail for the film, with three young boys challenging each other to spend a night in what appears to be a normal, everyday store. But the boys soon discover that the spooky lot the retailer took up space in was actually the site of a horrific tragedy, and something dark haunts the shelves and aisles of the beloved pop-up store. Fans of animatronic characters have come to know and love Spirit Halloween stores – including Buzzsaw, Nightcrawler and Mr. Dark – are possessed by the ghost of an “angry evil spirit”, and it’s up to the boys to find an issue. ..if they can.


Realized by david pog, Spirit Halloween: The Movie also young talents Donovan Colan, Marissa Reyes, Jaiden J. Smithand Dylan Martin Frankel. The movie is written by Billie Bates, and other cast members also include Rachel Leigh Cook, Marla Gibbs, Christopher Lloyd, and Brad Carter. Produced by Strike Back Studios, Hideout Pictures and Particular Crows (and Spirit Halloween, no less), President of Strike Back nour ahmed shared that he felt “immediately connected” to the script as it draws inspiration from some of the movies he loved as a kid, like The Goonies, Gremlinsand Monster Squad.

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The family adventure movie might not seem like a bloody battle at first glance, but its genre concept is worth it. The movie will soon “own” video-on-demand this fall on October 11, a perfect kick for Halloween. But while it’s still August, you can check out the first trailer and synopsis for the film below.

“When a new Spirit Halloween store pops up in a deserted mall, three college friends who think they’ve outgrown trick or treating dare to spend the night locked inside the store on Halloween night. But they soon discover that the store is haunted by an angry evil spirit who has possessed the creepy animatronic characters.The children embark on a thrilling and spooky adventure in order to survive the night and avoid becoming possessed themselves.

]]> 10 Coolest Fighting Styles In Anime, Ranked Sun, 31 Jul 2022 23:16:00 +0000

Combat is the lifeblood of action anime. By watching people fight, the audience understands the opposing forces in a given story. While that alone is great, the conflict is best communicated to viewers if the fights are cool or engaging. Often some of the best anime fights involve unique, memorable, and stylish fighting styles.

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These fighting styles dictate the rules of the fight, as it’s hard to stick to the action if there’s no internal logic. Matches that only increase in intensity without any rubric or system governing them end up feeling random. Fighting styles ground the action and allow for cool and creative sequences.

ten Spike Spiegel pays tribute to the fluidity of Jeet Kune Do (Cowboy Bebop)

The direction of cowboy bebop isn’t the only reason his fight scenes are amazing. Spike is a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do, the martial arts philosophy based on Bruce Lee’s experience. He guides how Spike fights. His movements follow the natural rhythm of the fight and he does not waste his energy.

Much like a Bruce Lee movie, Spike’s fights are amazing to watch. His body flows like water, and he holds punches to make them feel powerful. It reads really well in the anime. While not superhuman, Spike’s fighting style is undeniably iconic.

9 Cursed energy has so much visual impact (Jujutsu Kaisen)

It takes a lot of imagination to turn the concept of curses into a power system for high-octane action anime. Jujutsu Kaisen manages to reach it with great brilliance. There is some wiggle room with its limitations, but it’s not terribly weird. The two best manifestations of Cursed Energy as a fighting style are Black Flash and Domain Expander.

The anime relishes the opportunities it has to animate both types of moves. Black Flash is dramatic and dynamic. Every hit is explosive. Domain Expansion has the freedom to reshape the environment, which leads to stunning visuals.

8 The perception of death makes Shiki Ryougi’s fighting style very clean (Kara No Kyoukai)

Shiki Ryougi fights like a thief. She uses short blades – knives, specifically – in conjunction with her incredible athleticism and acrobatics to slice through her opponents. She is the epitome of an assassin. Which give Kara no Kyoukai his distinctive flavor when it comes to action is Ryougi’s mystical eyes.

Her eyes grant her death perception, or the ability to see the lines of death around her. If it cuts one of these lines, the object, person or concept to which they belong will die instantly. This makes all of his attacks accurate and deadly. She is the flashiest when facing groups of enemies.

The conditions for performing alchemy are strict. The Law of Equivalent Exchange ensures that alchemy, including its applications in combat, does not appear arbitrary. When Roy Mustang uses Flame Alchemy, he can only do so due to the transmutation circle on his custom gloves, as well as the friction he creates by snapping his fingers.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood full of examples like this. Fighters are forced to think of creative solutions, so the battle never becomes stale. Even with its limitations, the alchemy potential makes it extremely fun to watch. The Edward brothers prove they’re geniuses every time they get the chance to use alchemy in a fight.

6 Pits Are More Than Just Ghosts (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

After JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, the series’ fighting style changed from Ripple to Stands. This made combat in the series more even. Most of the fights take place between Stand users, instead of Ripple users fighting vampires and zombies. Visually, it’s an amazing move, as the stands look cool.

The impact of a punch from Star Platinum or King Crimson hits harder for fans. The fights are flashier, but feel fairer. The potential of each stand is limitless, but battling with manifestations of a person’s soul is definitely fun and unique.

5 Spear-wielding shines in the hands of Balsa (Seirei No Moribito)

It’s very rare for anime to accurately capture the feel of a weapon, but Seirei no Moribito does this for his spears. Every Balsa and Jiguro swing feels heavy, fast, and dangerous. The sound design of the hits is outstanding. On top of all that, the movements in combat are amazing.

The action is fast, but the swings are easy to follow. The fight choreography is also well communicated, which is a byproduct of the spear fighting style they use. The focus is on fast, close-range strikes mixed with acrobatics and kicks. It’s as elegant as it is brutal.

4 Jutsus created some of anime’s most iconic attacks (Naruto)

Using concepts like the chakra to create a complex power system, naruto revolutionized the way people view ninjas. Instead of hiding in the shadows, this combat system allows ninjas a more direct and elemental nature of combat style.

So many aspects of ninja combat are legendary to anime fans. Although not all techniques use it, hand seals signal the start of an attack. In a sense, jutsus are super powerful martial arts rather than just being superpowers.

3 All types of Nen lead to amazing fighting styles (Hunter X Hunter)

All Nen users in Hunter X Hunter fight the same. Emitters prefer ranged combat, while Amplifiers like melee combat. Each type of Nen leans towards a different form of combat, but they’re all cool in their own way. Two hunters stand out for the versatility of their fighting styles.

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Kurapika is a close combatant who fights his opponents into submission with Chain Jail. However, under specific conditions, he also has access to all other Nen types, allowing him to fight in any way he needs. As for Hisoka, he prefers to fight at close range, but his Nen has the properties of rubber and gum, so he can use a lot of trickery in his fighting style.

2 Hokuto Shinken is a terribly powerful martial art (the Fist of the North Star)

Fist of the North Star is known for its brutal action. While its post-apocalyptic setting contributes greatly to its tone and violence, Kenshiro’s fighting style also plays a big part in it. Hokuto Shinken is a martial art that channels energy in single strikes to the vital points of the human body.

With his speed and accuracy, Kenshiro knocks his opponents repeatedly before they can even figure out what’s going on. What makes this fighting style so cool is that Kenshiro lets his enemies know that they are already dead. After he tells them, they explode into pieces of blood, flesh, and organs.

1 Mugen defeats Champloo Kendo with ferocity (Samurai Champloo)

Mugen’s fighting style can be characterized as erratic, reckless, and brash, but it’s a joy to watch. His Champloo Kendo combines sword fighting and break-dancing. It’s like being in Capoiera with Japanese swords. The mix is ​​playful, intimidating and vicious.

In contrast, Jin is a traditional swordsman. When they are side by side, Mugen’s unorthodox style is even more visible. A show with a distinct fusion of hip hop and traditional Japanese art and customs like Samurai Champloo deserves nothing less than Mugen’s freestyle approach.

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K-pop group Treasure debuts in Manila; Meet Dara – Manila Bulletin Sun, 31 Jul 2022 12:54:00 +0000

K-pop idol group Treasure debuted in the Philippines during “K-pop Masterz 2022 in Manila.”

GOT7’s Treasure and Jackson Wang and BamBam headlined the show held on July 29 at Mall of Asia Arena. The group debuted in August 2020 in South Korea.

Treasure at K-pop Masterz Show in Manila 2022 (Mall of Asia Arena)
Treasure at K-pop Masterz Show in Manila 2022 (Mall of Asia Arena)
Treasure at K-pop Masterz Show in Manila 2022 (Mall of Asia Arena)
Treasure with Sandara Park backstage at K-pop Masterz show in Manila 2022 (Dara’s Twitter account)

In Manila, Treasure opened the show with “Jikjin, the title track from the group’s first mini-album “The Second Step: Chapter One” which was released in February this year.

It was followed by a performance of “I Love You” from their second single “The First Step: Chapter Two”.

“Thank you very much. There were many Filipino fans watching our V Live and ontact. We got together, Treasure, and hope to come here and meet our fans in the Philippines and finally, we are here,” Choi Hyun-suk said. .

Jihoon said, “Our Filipino fans have been asking us a lot to come to the Philippines and I’m glad we really came here tonight. You are so hot. Magandang Teume (Beautiful Teume)”, the term for the Treasure fandom.

“With the reaction from our Teumes, I think we can really, really enjoy tonight, right?” Junkyu said.

When asked what comes to mind when they think of the Philippines, Yoshi replied, “Definitely the sea because Boracay is so, so pretty.”

Doyoung said, “Yoshi is definitely right about that. We are talking about going on vacation together with the members of Treasure in Boracay and Cebu.

“I can’t forget the mango juice. Of course there is also [mango juice] in Korea but it’s different here. Mangoes in the Philippines are special and different,” Junghwan said.

Treasure also performed “My Treasure”, “MMM”, and “Boy”, and ended her set with “Darari”.

Sandara Park, or former 2NE1 member Dara, was a special guest on the show.

She had photos with Treasure backstage.

“With my little brothers #Treasure in #Manila mabuhay~!!!” Dara posted on Twitter.

The “Masterz K-pop 2022 in Manila” was presented by Pulp Live World.



The teacher inside Sun, 31 Jul 2022 07:25:24 +0000

PUBLISHED July 31, 2022


‘Ikigai’ is defined as ‘something to live on; purpose; the joy and purpose of living.’ According to this definition, Ikigai is strongly reminiscent of a useful and joyful life. I find the concept of Ikigai deeply satisfying because of its similarities to other philosophies such as Stoicism, Taoism, and Sufism. According to the Japanese, everyone has an Ikigai, but finding it requires a deep and often time-consuming search inside; so it’s really an inner journey.

As shown here, it is at the interface of passion, profession, vocation and life mission that you tend to achieve your Ikigai. several years of ‘Iki-gaing’, that is, searching and searching within, to my heart or my essence, gave an answer. My Ikigai tells me that I am a teacher. The journey to my Ikigai has influenced my thinking and practice as an educator, especially in a low to middle income country like Pakistan. Whether my students are undergraduates, postgraduates, or health professionals, or from the humanities/social sciences or another discipline, through my teaching, my goal is to help people discover their purpose, their passion and the value of what they do. Thus, hacking through hackathons, human-centered design thinking through sprints, re-imagining the world and its future, creativity and entrepreneurship are all methods to better understand and discover new meanings to create a life worth living, for both teacher and learner.

I am an emergency physician, academic and researcher. As such, I strive to strengthen the pedagogy of my main discipline, emergency medicine. Simulation has become a powerful tool for training healthcare students in the 21st century. Recognizing the value of this, I have pushed for excellent learning experiences for our students and residents (interns) through simulation-based educational paradigms. With the pandemic, I was able to make a strong case for virtual/online digital learning, which proved to be a challenge, but given the situation on the ground, there was no other way. This too was very aligned with my deepest core, my Ikigai, in other words.

I consider myself a creator – someone who champions creativity. This is reflected in my articles/essays aimed at a wide readership, which I distribute via my blog or newspapers. I am also a innovator, intrapreneur and entrepreneur. The experience and expertise gained through running a co-innovation and incubation center – and in tandem, being an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary learner and teacher in the 21st century – I gravitated towards the 21st century tools of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and change leadership. A critical aspect of teaching/learning in this chaotic pandemic environment has been to rethink education and learning spaces, sustainable education and education sustainability. And regarding the latter, linking everything in my teaching philosophy to environmental sustainability has become my purpose. Again, this alignment with my Ikigai is remarkable and deeply rewarding.

More Recently, my foray into Zumba and Salsa as a workout, wellness and fitness routine has allowed me to become an instructor for both. I call it #Zalsa (fusion of Zumba and Salsa). Zumba is performed to a variety of music including Bhangra, Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop. The passion for such a training routine was felt a few years ago (at the height of the 1st wave of the pandemic) and I used to eagerly go solo. Over time, I realized that I was good at it, so I offered my services to people in my workplace. I received rave reviews from students and it inspired me to follow up on a second course (which is in the planning stage). Thanks to my Ikigai, I realize that whatever the “activity” (Zalsa, emergency medicine, innovation, etc.), the teaching/learning aspect remains sacrosanct.

Modern theories of adult learning (e.g. experiential learning) have shaped my teaching approaches (i.e. learner-centered, conversational, collaborative, versus didactic/centered on the teacher/pedants). The pursuit of innovative and creative teaching practices has been extremely satisfying. Since the most enthusiastic responses I have received regarding my teaching come from multidisciplinary and cross-sector learners (students and professionals), I envision myself growing further in this field. Luckily, that’s exactly what turns me on too, and my Ikigai approves.

By keeping Ikigai as the centerpiece of my passionate/motivated life, I was able to maintain my enthusiasm for teaching, and this is just one example. What humbles me is to see this reciprocal excitement on the part of the learner/student. This two-way dynamic between teacher and learner is sacred; it is brilliant and beautiful to watch and cherish endlessly. However, when it comes to real learning, it is no longer important who is the teacher versus the learner; both are there to learn. This is another thing my Ikigai pointed out to me.

And yet another fascinating thing about the Ikigai: it doesn’t have to be rigid with a clear direction under all circumstances. You can explore new things and new paths by being directionless. Knowing that you don’t know everything keeps you grounded, kind, and inclusive. The reverse, when people very rigidly decide what they want, closes them off from other possibilities, relationships and alternative interpretations. My Ikigai will certainly not align with such inflexibility.

So, do you know your goal? If you already do, then hats off. However, like most humans, if you don’t know your life’s purpose but are curious to find out, then Ikigai may be the travel destination (or destination trip?) for you. I hope that if or when you dive within, you realize, recognize and embrace your wonderful Ikigai, whatever it is. And don’t forget to share the details of your inner journey with your fellow travelers, so they too can benefit from your Ikigai.

Asad Mian is a freelance emergency physician-researcher-innovator at the Aga Khan University. He writes on topics ranging from health and education to humor and popular culture. He is the author of “An Itinerant Observer” (2014) and “MEDJACK: the extraordinary journey of an ordinary hack” (2021). All information and facts provided are the sole responsibility of the author.

What time will Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9 air on TNT? Plot, overview and more details explored Sat, 30 Jul 2022 21:32:47 +0000

TNT family drama Animal Kingdom comes to a close. The final episode of the show’s final season is fast approaching. Season 6, which premiered this year on July 19, is the series’ final season.

The drama series chronicles the adventures of Joshua, who moves to California to live with his estranged and dysfunctional extended family after his mother dies from heroin abuse. Joshua finds himself in the middle of a criminal gang whose matriarch is his grandmother, Janine. They plan and commit armed robberies and other criminal activities. For Joshua to fit in, he has to prove himself to the matriarch.

As the series nears its end, the story is also busy ironing out the final details. Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9 will air on TNT on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET. Four more episodes will remain after the next episode, with the finale set to air on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 9: Everything You Need to Know

The previous episode left viewers with a climax. Pope’s fate hangs by a thread. What is his fate now that the secrets have been uncovered?

TNT has released an official synopsis and promo for Season 6 Episode 9, titled Gethsemane. The official synopsis reads:

“The pope is brought in for questioning; J, Deran and Craig grapple with the truth; Julia tries to make amends with an upset Andrew.

Watch the teaser here:

youtube cover

The promo shows that Pope is now aware that Detective Thompson is hot on his trail, but he can’t do much to get out of trouble. A glimpse of Pope in the interrogation room keeps fans wondering more. How will he react to the pressure now that his family can’t save him?

Episode 8 Recap

Pope’s dark secret is finally revealed. How will this play out for him? Drop your predictions below! #Animal Kingdom

In Episode 8, Pope was informed of someone’s presence in the house from the telltale cereal box and security footage. Taylor also finally admitted that her “mother” was actually Detective Thompson, who was trying to get to Catherine’s killer. Pope revealed to Deran and J that Thompson knew he murdered Catherine.

In other news, Deran and J got their hands on nitrous oxide after stealing $30,000 in silver coins from a dentist’s office based on a tip from Tommy, who was eager to do part of the gang. J also managed to gather information on Penny’s husband.

Elsewhere, Craig went on his own adventure and reunited with Renn, finding himself drawn into his old ways.

Where to look?

The cop knows too much… Will Pope’s world collapse? #TheFinalScore continues this Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 premiered on June 19, 2022. A new episode of the crime drama aired every Sunday after the first two episodes aired consecutively for the premiere.

Tune in to TNT on Sunday July 31, 2022 to watch the next episode of Animal Kingdom. If you wish to broadcast it, the episode will also be available on the TNT website. Viewers without access to DTT will have to wait a few months until the sixth season is released later on Prime Video.

Edited by Mohini Banerjee

Top 10 Most Successful K-pop Idols (2022) Fri, 29 Jul 2022 17:39:31 +0000

K-pop singers are sensational singers who are gaining fame around the world, this list will introduce the most successful K-pop idols in 2022.

Top 10 Most Successful K-pop Idols (2022)

This list has been compiled based on their social status and the successes they have witnessed in their career as well as their recognition in the music world.

We present to you the list of the most successful and popular K-pop idols in 2022.

1. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, is currently the most famous and influential K-pop idol in the world. He has a large fan base not only in South Korea but also around the world. The raps and frequent dancing are the two most impactful elements of his performance. Her fascinating personality and incredibly attractive appearance help her maintain her success.

Surprisingly, this K-pop star started playing badminton at an early age. However, G-song Dragon’s gave him the motivation he needed to achieve his new dream during their freshman year of high school. He was turned down for Superstar K auditions in college, but received offers from several entertainment companies.

So far, he is the most successful K-pop idol.

2. Lisa (Blackpink)

She was born in Thailand on March 27, 1997. Apart from her musical abilities, she has a great sense of style and a magnetic personality. This is why she is currently considered one of the hottest K-pop female rappers.

Her Instagram profile shows that she is very interested in fashion and beauty.

Lisa tops the list of most followed K-pop idols on Instagram.

3. Kim Tae Hyung (BTS)

The famous K-pop performer is known by his stage name, “V.” V’s candy eyes are a big hit with everyone. V, however, has a truly distinctive style that the Korean fashion industry admires. His stern demeanor, menacing eyes and humble voice are incredibly endearing.

He is referred to as a 4D member of BTS by the other members. Find V in your favorite dramas as well as his music. He made his acting debut in the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth in a supporting role. He is undoubtedly one of the most successful K-pop idols in 2022.

4. Jisoo (Blackpink)

She is also considered one of the sexiest and most beautiful female idols in K-pop. She was the most active Instagram user in 2022, posting more than the other Blackpink members combined.

Jisoo, the oldest member of the group, was born on January 3, 1995. She was born in Gunpo, South Korea, and at the age of ten moved to Auckland, New Zealand. She stayed there for five years before returning to South Korea to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

Jisoo debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016 and has since become one of the group’s most popular members. She is well known for her upbeat personality as well as her stunning visuals. Jisoo has appeared in a number of variety shows and dramas in addition to her work with BLACKPINK.

5. Sehun (EXO)

Sehun ranks fifth on this list of the most successful K-pop idols. He is also one of the most well-known K-pop idols right now. His endless kindness and elegant demeanor make him a favorite with listeners.

According to Sehun, he prefers to focus more on the feelings behind each move than on the specific mechanics. This is what makes him accessible to his followers. The lead actor in the Korean web movie Dokgo Rewind is Sehun, who is known for his charismatic and exuberant personality.

Read also: Top 10 most followed K-pop idols on Instagram

Top 10 most popular K-pop groups

6. Jimin (BTS)

South Korean singer and dancer Park Ji-min is referred to only by his stage name, Jimin. He debuted in 2013 as a member of South Korean boy band BTS, which was signed to record label Big Hit Entertainment.

With BTS, Jimin released three solo songs: “Lie” in 2016, “Serendipity” in 2017, and “Filter” in 2020. All of these songs achieved success on the Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea. He co-wrote and co-composed the digital track “Promise”, which served as his first independent song and was released in 2018. He sang “With You”, a duet with Ha Sung-Woon, on the soundtrack of the TVN 2022. drama Nos Bleus.

Jimin made the sixth list on the list of other most successful K-pop idols in 2022.

7. Jennie (Blackpink)

Fans around the world know Jennie Kim by her stage name Jennie. She is a fantastic singer and rapper by profession. She was born in Seoul on January 16 in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. His parents and an older sister form his family. Jennie attended Hershey Park Elementary School before moving on to Apgujeong High School.

YG Entertainment spotted her during her freshman year in high school after a friend recommended her. She became a trainee in August 2010 after passing several auditions. Jennie made her official BLACKPINK debut in August 2016 with the single “Square One.”

8. Jenon (NCT)

Introducing the rapper and lead singer of NCT Dream and NCT U. With his debut single, “Chewing gum,” this young singer made his NCT Dream debut. He rose to fame through the NCT-specific Kick & Ride scene. The Chinese characters of his name Jeno imply that Je means “king” and No means “to work hard”.

He always wanted to be an architect or a car designer. But he soon realized that he was interested in music. He made the decision to pursue a musical career. He is ultimately one of the most successful K-pop idols right now.

In May 2019, Jeno, along with fellow NCT member Dream Jaemin, volunteered to visit children living in slums in Indonesia in collaboration with non-governmental organizations Good Neighbors International and Gugah Nurani Indonesia Foundation.

9. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

Kim Hyun-Joong is a well-known actor, songwriter, and singer. He is the main rapper and leader of Korean K-pop group SS501. Kim has become a legend in the Korean music industry thanks to his personality, his sense of style and, of course, his incredible singing talent.

He was in his studies until he was introduced to music at school. Hyun-Joong abruptly dropped out of school and decided to become a singer. He then became a member of boy group SS501 and returned to school to complete his education. Hyun-Joong then graduated from Chungwoon University with a degree in stage production management. He is currently one of the top 10 K-pop idols for 2022.

10. Lee Ji-Eun (Kakao Entertainment)

South Korea’s best-known singer and songwriter is Lee Ji-Eun, also known as IU. She joined Kakao M at the age of 15 and made her debut on the debut album Lost and Found. IU failed more than 20 auditions before the release of her hit songs, including Palette, Bibbi, and Bluming.

She was duped by some of the bogus agencies. But nothing can stop her from using her talent to become a successful and well-known K-pop performer. She is not only a talented singer but also a talented actress. This well-known idol has never denied the role her grandmother played in her success.

Top 10 Most Successful K-pop Idols (2022)

Here is a brief overview of the most successful K-pop idols;

1. Lisa (Blackpink)

3. Kim Tae Hyung (BTS)

4. Jisoo (Blackpink)

5. Sehun (EXO)

6. Jimin (BTS)

7. Jennie (Blackpink)

8. Jenon (NCT)

9. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

10. Lee Ji-Eun (Kakao Entertainment)