If BTS’s J-Hope Was A Fruit, Here’s His Sweet Take On That He Would Be

He is your hope and you are his hope. As for the fruit that rapper and songwriter J-Hope would become, this BTS member’s response makes sense.

Here’s what J-Hope said during his seven-second interview, about the K-pop group’s album, Be (Deluxe Edition.)

BTS’s J-Hope at press conference for “BE (Deluxe Edition)” | The Chosunilbo JNS / Imazins via Getty Images

J-Hope is one of the rappers and dancers of BTS

He loves burgers, Sprite and BTS ARMY. J-Hope is one of BTS’s rappers, as well as the lead dancer and one of the songwriters. He appears in music videos for songs like “Boy With Luv” and the Grammy-nominated single, “Dynamite.”

On the album Soul Card: 7, J-Hope appeared on the solo song, “Outro: Ego.” Her song “Just Dance” appeared on Love yourself: Respond. Thanks to the album, Be (Deluxe Edition,) BTS fans have learned what J-Hope fruit will be.

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J-Hope said if he was a fruit he would be an apple

In conjunction with the 2020 release of BTS, Be (Deluxe Edition,) the idols appeared in the seven-second interview, where they gave brief answers to random questions. For J-Hope, that meant demonstrating his favorite emojis and discussing if he was going to become a fruit, which one would it be.

“For me, apple,” J-Hope said, according to a translation on the video. “Something fresh that opens the day in the morning.”

Of course, this interview also touched on the BTS album and the roles of the members in the creation process. In addition to performing on songs like “Telepathy” and “Blue & Gray”, J-Hope has helped write several songs on Be (Deluxe Edition,) including the title track, “Life Goes On”.

Aside from his work with the K-pop group, J-Hope also releases solo music under the same stage name. This includes his mixtape, World of hope, and her recently released single with Becky G, titled “Chicken Noodle Soup”. (He later appeared in a music video for the track.)

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Some BTS members, including Jin, share their love for food

Although he was one of the few members who had a question about fruit during his interview, J-Hope is not the only member of BTS who shared his love for food. Jin even created the “Eat Jin” live broadcast series, where he chatted with BTS fans while enjoying a meal.

Recently, Jimin, RM, and Jin did a Live Streaming Salad with the ARMYs. Visiting The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, the BTS members even made pastrami sandwiches and tasted the New York City staple. Jimin even gave Jin a cake for his one-year birthday.

The “Dynamite” music video is now available on YouTube. Music by BTS, including their recently released album, Soul Card: 7, is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major platforms.

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