K-pop boy Monsta X tour security staff member dies in US – Reuters

K-pop boy Monsta X tour security staff member dies in US

A member of K-pop boy band Monsta X’s security personnel has died in the United States during the band’s concert tour.

Starship Entertainment made the announcement on Monsta X’s fan cafe on June 13.

Monsta X in Atlanta (Twitter)
Monsta X in Fort Worth, TX (Twitter)

Monsta X held its “No Limit US Tour” from May 21 to June 11 in New York, Fairfax, Detroit, Chicago, Sunrise in Florida, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

“An employee of a security company who worked with us died while on tour in the United States,” the agency said, according to SBS News.

He added: “Our agency can’t help but feel miserable by the sudden and heartbreaking news of someone who has worked hard.”

The agency said it was working to manage the situation locally with the company to which the employee belonged and that the funeral process would be done with courtesy, so there will be negligence.

“We sincerely request that you refrain from producing speculative and baseless reports, including personal information about the deceased, for the remaining bereaved families,” he said.



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