K-pop girl group goes for a ‘Newtro’ knockout with new ‘Ring Ring’ album


Rookie girl group Rocket Punch marked the start of summer with the retro-inspired Ding dong.

Eight months after the six-piece group released their third mini album, Blue hallmark, he held a press conference in Seoul on Monday before the new album’s release at 6 p.m. that day.

The album is part of the “newtro” trend that continues to sweep the nation, with the music scene being no exception. (The word is a combination of “new” and “retro”.)

Topping the three-track set is the synth-wave title track, which incorporates a 1980s synth pop style in witty love lyrics on a daring heart.

“Since none of us have ever lived through the 1980s, we brought up songs and videos from the era, as well as movies and dramas that describe what it was like back then,” Yunkyung said. during Monday’s event, explaining the perspective of the six band members, who range in age from late teens to early twenties.

According to Japanese member Juri, she was “excited but nervous” about the new music, while Suyun said that “the song sounded fresh” to her ears when she first heard it and remembered it. having thought “we could present an original song through Rocket Punch’s own interpretation and representation of sound.” “

Also on the album is I want you badly, a hip-hop tune with a dreamlike atmosphere about a girl who is waiting for her missing lover. The last track, Drive, is a retro-pop song with a coming-of-age theme, on a journey to unlock one’s potential.

During the media event, the six performers danced on Ding dong and Drive, giving off a vibrant energy as they prepared to blow the looming summer heat.

Members of Rocket Punch pose for a photo at a media event on May 17 in Seoul. – Photo: Woollim Entertainment

The multinational group, consisting of one Japanese member and five Korean members, debuted in August 2019 with EP Pink hallmark directed by Bim bam bum. The group had a busy year in 2020, dropping two EPs, Punc redhand Blue hallmark – which, with the first album, form a trilogy on the theme of colors.

Ding dong marks the end of an eight-month hiatus, the longest hiatus musicians have taken since their debut.

“We have spent the past eight months training hard and communicating with our fans while spending a few personal hours together to strengthen our teamwork,” said Yunkyung.

Band frontman Yeonhee said of the new album, “It shows a lot of our unique colors and energy. We hope listeners will find out how we interpreted the genre (newtro) in our own style. “

The flashy visuals of the 80s in the Ding dong the music video is the icing on the cake, the members explained. “To match the fast pace and cheerful energy of the song, we put on some ornate hairstyles and makeup,” Sohee said, adding that they had studied 1980s American fashion.

Closing the event, Dahyun said, “Ding dong marks a new challenge for Rocket Punch. We have made new attempts not only in terms of concept, but also in many other ways. Please look forward to what more we have to show. “- By Choy Ji-won / The Korea Herald / Asia News Network


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