K-pop girl group ITZY bursts with confidence in new ‘Guess Who’ EP


SEOUL, April 30 (Korea Bizwire)ITZY, the five-piece number known for his uplifting vibes, continued to entice fans with his energy and confidence with his upcoming EP “Guess Who”.

The all-female act – made up of members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna – is set to release her six-track EP, with the title track “Mafia in the Morning,” at 1 p.m. ET.

As the bold title suggests, the band – now in their third year of debut – have said they want to show a more powerful and charismatic side to their global fan base, called Midzy.

“This album has been a big challenge for us,” Yuna said in a press conference that was broadcast live on Thursday, noting how the band experimented with a more mature concept. “We wanted to show how ITZY takes on new challenges and sees no limits.”

Other members of the group said this message of confidence and daring was something they tried to convey from their early days.

Formed and managed by JYP Entertainment, the five-piece number debuted in early 2019 with the uplifting anthem “Dalla Dalla”, which translates to “Different Different” in Korean.

An English version of the song included in a repackaged album released in January reads “Don’t Put Me Down Because I Dare To Be Different Hold Your Head Up, We Support You.” Keep your head up, keep dreaming. “

This photo, provided by JYP Entertainment, shows K-pop <a class=girl group ITZY.” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/K-pop-girl-group-ITZY-bursts-with-confidence-in-new-Guess.jpg” width=”672″ height=”434″/>

This photo, provided by JYP Entertainment, shows K-pop girl group ITZY.

The spirit continues in their hit number “Not Shy”, in which the members sing “Not shy Not me; No one, the body has ever stood in the way of something I really wanted; Because I don’t waste time, I dive straight.

“We’ve carried the message of being confident and forthright from our inception, and it has proven to be relatable for listeners,” Ryujin said. “This album carries that message as well, so we want to have more conversations about it.”

Her teammate Lia noted how this philosophy is something that has driven the team to continue for the past two years and prepare for the new EP.

““ I love myself ”is an important message that has kept us going since our beginnings. We still try to be confident in many ways, but we have become more confident in presenting our performances since we have been practicing “Mafia in the Morning” these days. “

Going forward, the team said they have certain musical goals in mind.

“We met IU on ‘IU’s Palette’ where we sang (our) song ‘Surf’ together,” Yuna said, mentioning the K-pop singer-songwriter. “The synergy that came out of it was so good that I would love to collaborate with her.”

When asked about more global goals, Ryujin said landing on the Billboard 200 would be a “great honor.”

“It would be a great honor for us, and it is true that we have prepared more than the previous albums in many ways,” she said.

“We’ve got a long way to go. But if there’s anything I really want to accomplish, it’s to hear that Itzy always goes above and beyond,” Yeji said.

“We want to be remembered as snipers for the sake of fans and key K-pop artists,” Chaeryeong added.



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