MACAO DAILY TIMES ”“ Shhh! 2021 ‘to present 50 local groups in collaborative performances

The “shhh! The 2021 concerts kick off this weekend, featuring 50 local bands, musicians and artists who will take part in the annual Macau Pop Music Extravaganza.
This year’s event is themed “Musical Festivals Along the Coast”, referring to Macau’s position as a “coastal city that embraces different cultures from around the world, imbuing its pop music with open characteristics. and diversity that create a unique cultural landscape of its own, ”according to a statement issued by the Office of Cultural Affairs.
The musical event “Listen shhh! in the Tent ”will open in Macau Science Center Square on November 6-7, offering audiences a variety of genres such as rock, jazz, folk, electronics, punk, heavy metal , pop and a cappella music.
There will be collaborative performances mixing electronic music, BMX demonstrations and skateboarding. There will also be nearly 100 stalls selling local and co-branded hush cultural and creative products! products, offering viewers a diverse range of creative products and Macau food.
The “Coastal Rock Concert”, presented for the first time this year, will be held on November 21 and will take place in two parts. The first part, “Music Whirling under the Big Tree”, will be held in Barra Square, where handpan and modern folk music performances will be presented. Later, several groups will board a dredge owned by SJM Resorts, SA and perform on the water as the sun sets.
Built in 1965, the “STDM No. 1” dredge was withdrawn from service, but has since been converted into a lifting barge. Several seats above the sea will be provided and the public will be able to reserve seats to enjoy the show up close.
On November 19, the “Lost in Cities – Looking for Rainbow” concert will take place on Electronic Music Night at Macau Contemporary Art Center – Navy Yard No. 2, where electronic music artists will debut their latest creations produced using of the grant program for the production of albums of original songs. The next day, the “Upbeat Power Concert” will feature Japanese rock, heavy metal and pop.
In the magnificent setting of the old quarters of Inner Harbor and the Wan Chai coast in Zhuhai, the “Rooftop Sunset Concerts” will be held at Ponte 9 Rooftop on the evenings of November 27 and 28. The rooftop series will include the “Ladies Voices in Sea Breeze” concert, featuring several female artists, as well as the “The Cozy World of Music” concert, featuring a variety of genres ranging from acoustic music to music. electronic music and singing bowls.
Hush this year! will also offer a series of musical workshops. LV

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