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After the initial COVID delays, Oblivion Access Festival – formerly Austin Terror Fest – released the lineup for its 2022 debut on Thursday.

Originally scheduled for June 2020 and postponed following pandemic closures, festival organizers took to their official Instagram to announce new plans for May next year. The festival aims to celebrate “underground music and culture”, and its lineup of some of the biggest names in underground music is sure to do so. As a testament to the enthusiasm of fans, unlimited access weekend tickets sold out within an hour of going on sale.

Access to oblivion poster

While some originally planned acts unfortunately weren’t featured – namely slowcore and noise veterans, Duster and Swans, respectively – the inclusion of more than several new acts makes up for that.

In Duster’s place are indie rock and dream pop heavyweights, Blonde Redhead. Perhaps best known for “For the Damaged Coda,” those who know their work better know how much they have contributed to the indie scene beyond a single song. In Swans’ place is the notoriously bizarre hardcore band The Locust.

Lil ugly mane

Rapper / producer-turned-singer Lil Ugly Mane, who launched fans for a full loop with his latest album and gave the festival his name with his previous album, is still set to perform for the festival. He will be joined by his favorite underground colleagues MIKE and AKAI SOLO, both of whom belong to New York’s contemporary abstract hip hop scene.

MIKE, courtesy of VICE

Several other acts not initially included in the 2020 announcement were among those revealed in the lineup: experimental group Xiu Xiu have several cult classics under their belt as well as more recent albums that have continued to be acclaimed; Houston ambient music legend and native William Basinski is an odd and welcome addition; Armand Hammer and The Alchemist have just released one of the most talked about hip hop albums of the year, Haram; and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s Liturgy Project is responsible for some of the most cutting-edge black metal albums of the past decade.

Liturgical Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

The festival will also host some of the most influential artists of their genre, such as death metal bands Carcass and Autopsy, punk’s Youth of Today and the rapper. Kool Keith. Those who are fans of heavier music will have a lot to look forward to with the inclusion of some of the biggest names in underground metal in Converge, Blood Incantation and Portrayal of Guilt, as well as the aforementioned bands.

There seems to be something for all kinds of fans of the underground scene in Oblivion Access, even outside of what has already been mentioned. For fans of weird noise rock, Japanese band Melt-Banana has a career spanning nearly three decades with plenty of material. Austin’s Grivo and A Place To Bury Strangers are two of the best groups in modern shoegaze. Along with Blonde Redhead, Anika has been one of the most interesting figures in indie pop, albeit with a weird twist.


All in all, after the cancellation of the Day For Night festival in Houston, it looks like the Oblivion Access festival is now consolidating itself as the premier underground music festival in Texas. For more information, visit the Oblivion Access website.

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