The Story Continuing Of The New Music Episode 919: Rock Star Hobbies & Non-Musical Passions


What are you doing for fun? I’m talking about hobbies, hobbies and other things that you do just for yourself, away from your job and all your other responsibilities?

I have my dogs. The wife and I love to travel. And I’ve always had this thing about the JFK assassination. I’ve read all the books, seen all the documentaries, and even been to Dallas for a visit to the Book Depot, the Grassy Mound, and even the Texas Theater. I can not explain it. It just finds that interesting.

Maybe you like sports. Collect rare hockey cards, wine or scotches. What about video games, Japanese anime, Beanie Babies, souvenir spoons? No need to justify anything. It’s just something you enjoy. In a way, leisure fulfills us.

Now consider his: when we think of our favorite musicians, we probably imagine them immersed in music all the time. I mean, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All they do is think and make music.

The truth is, however, that you cannot do this. Nobody can. Everyone needs a break from whatever they are doing. The brain needs to rest and recharge. You have to look for things that offer new inspiration. The musicians put down the instruments to see what else is there in order to become a more rounded person. It is one aspect.

Another goes like this. “See. I have been successful in my career. I have made money and I am going to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I am going to indulge in things that I have always dreamed of. I cannot l ‘take with me, so I’ll spend some of that money!

Alright, so what? I think you might be surprised. Let’s take a look at the hobbies and non-musical passions of some very famous musicians.

Songs heard on this show:

  • Smashing Pumpkins, Cherub Rock
  • Offspring, hit that
  • Blur, country house
  • Blur, far away
  • RHCP, by the way
  • Tool, the Pt
  • New order, round and round
  • Metallica, enter Sandman

As usual, here is Eric Wilhite with a playlist.

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