[Today’s K-pop] Japanese IZ * ONE Members Say Goodbye


(Credit: Off The Record Entertainment)

On Thursday, members of the IZ * ONE group from Japan returned home on a plane.

Miyawaki Sakura, Honda Hitomi and Yabuki Nako enthusiastically greeted the fans gathered at the airport, but upon hearing their warm farewell words, they became solemn. Hitomi began to cry and the other two comforted her.

The group was disbanded on Wednesday when its contract with CJ ENM expired, ending the 2.5-year career. The Korean members will return to their original agencies with the exception of Cho Yuri, who will sign up with a new label. The Japanese members have yet to announce their future plans, although there is speculation that Sakura could join a K-pop girl group or that she could be taken over by Big Hit Music.

“Even if we disband, the fact that I’m part of IZ * ONE and you of WIZOne doesn’t go away. It will be here forever, ”Sakura said on her Japanese radio show Thursday.

The 12-piece girl group was formed through an audition program and has grown in popularity in Japan and Korea. His last activity was a standalone online concert held in March.

ITZY gives a taste of the music to come

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

A day before its release, Itzy sparked anticipation for his upcoming EP with a teaser clip that was uploaded at midnight.

In the trailer for the title song “Mafia in the Morning” music video, the five members in shiny black suits captured the eyes with gangster and gun-themed choreography.

He incorporates strong and addicting rhythms into the lyrics that boldly state how they will approach their love and take his heart while keeping their emotions veiled. “Mafia” is also an acronym in Korean which roughly translates to “finally, inevitable morning”.

The EP “Guess Who” is the group’s fourth and will be unveiled on Friday. The quintet will perform the title song for the first time via an online fan showcase that will be broadcast on their official YouTube channel. The EP sold over 260,000 pre-orders on Wednesday, a record for the group which sold 200,000 units with the previous EP “Not Shy”.

Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ Amounts 300m Spotify Streams

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Blackpink’s “Ice Cream” surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify, according to YG Entertainment label on Thursday.

This is the band’s fourth song to reach the milestone, after “Kill This Love”, “How You Like That” and “Ddu-du Ddu-du”, and the fifth including the collaboration with Dua Lipa, “Kiss and Make Up. “

“Ice Cream” stars Selena Gomez and landed at the top of the global iTunes song charts in August of last year, reaching No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100, the highest rating for a K-pop girl group. The music video garnered 500 million views on YouTube in February, the group’s 10th to garner such views. Four of his videos – “Ddu-du Ddu-du”, “Kill This Love”, “Boombaya” and “As If It’s Your Last” – have over a billion views, the most among K-pop artists, from April.

The quartet has 21.2 million followers on the global music platform Thursday, the highest among girl groups around the world.

BTS shares butter promotion schedule

(Credit: Big Hit Music)

(Credit: Big Hit Music)

BTS uploaded an image with the timeline of the promotion of their upcoming digital single “Butter” on Thursday.

According to the schedule, it will start posting four concept clips every four to six days, starting on Sunday. Teaser photos will follow in two installments over two weeks, and a trailer for the music video will air on May 19. The single, along with the full video, will be released on May 21.

A link to the single’s official website has also become available, where further updates will be released leading up to the release of the song known to be an upbeat pop dance number and the artists’ second full English song after the mega. from last year. press “Dynamite”.

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