What are the nominated K-pop groups? BTS and BLACKPINK topped the charts


MTV MIAW 2021 has unveiled the nominees for their awards, which will take place in July. For this year, K-pop groups and artists, such as BTS and BLACKPINK, have achieved nominations in many categories.

Remember, the MTV Millennial Awards recognize the most important music, trends and entertainment of the past year. On this occasion, 32 categories were launched, one of which is dedicated to honoring K-pop groups, which have a strong presence on different platforms, with many followers, the reasons that pushed them to deserve their place in the event.

At MTV MIAW 2019, held at the Palacio de los Deportes in CDMX, K-Pop group BTS won the award in the K-Pop Explosion category.

In this way, K-pop artists are in another category, dedicated to the musical genre, so it will be essential to support their fan base; Only an idol will be able to win this award. Want to support your favorite K-pop artist or group? There are several ways to vote and we explain how to do it.

Nominated for the MTV MIAW Award 2021

  • Black Pink Pink
  • black Rose
  • BTS
  • UI
  • a short message
  • Seventeen
  • Twice
  • (g) I-DLE
  • fandom
  • Jokes from Juan de Dios and Kimberly Luisa
  • White, D Black Pink
  • Army, BTS
  • Kinini, Kenya Os
  • The Dreamers, by Dana Paula
  • Cachers, Calle y Poche
  • Ken Fandom Team

When is MTV MIAW 2021?

The eighth edition of the MTV Millennial Awards will take place on July 13 from 10 p.m. It will air on MTV Latin America. This event allows the public and fans to determine this year’s winners. For this reason, different voting systems are designed to support the nominated groups and artists: Twitter, Instagram and the official website.

How to vote for MTV MIAW 2021?

Vote for Instagram on MTV MIAW

Remember that only entries in MTV MIAW (mtvmiaw) posts are valid, as long as you are commenting with the official hashtag of your preferred candidate.

Vote for Twitter on MTV MIAW

Tweet #PremiosMTVMIAW and another with your favorite category and artist, for example for the BLACKPINK fandom: #PremiosMTVMIAW #MTVLAFANDOMBLINKS.

Keep in mind that every retweet counts as a vote and you can add text and tag your idol’s official account, however, in order for it to be counted, you must not put any numeric characters or emojis.

There is no voting limit and you will be able to interact with other hashtags and tweets mentioning your nominated artist or group, which are important. However, the categories should not be combined.

Vote for MTV MIAW

Enter the page https://miaw.mtvla.com/vota/Select the category you prefer and click on the ?? vote?? In the photo of your favorite group or idol.

You can participate unlimitedly, but every 20 points you must wait a few seconds for the site to update.


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